G. GKRINTZOS CWC is a dynamically evolving company with experience in the construction industry, active in quality control and assurance in civil engineering projects as well as consulting services in materials, design and construction control. In addition, it develops pavement management systems from the initial stages of construction and throughout the period of use through an assessment of the existing condition.

Its services cover the design and supervision in  construction projects as well as the maintenance and operation of public and private projects. The company cooperates and employs accomplished civil engineers, geologists and experienced technicians for the completion of the projects it undertakes.

Its clients are the largest construction companies and concession companies engaged in quality control and assurance in accordance with European and international standards in projects such as Highways, airports, dams, bridges, railway projects, building facilities, wind turbines, etc.

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The history  of Gkrintzos begins in 1960 by Athanasios Grintzos, Quality Control Manager of the USA ARMY laboratory (core of engineers) in Greece for quality control in the civil engineering projects of the Marshall Plan and then for the projects of the Core of Engineers in the Middle East.

In 1992, Mr. George Grintzos takes over the reins of the family business by acquiring “P. KOUFOPOULOS & CO CONCRETE LABORATORIES” which are later transformed into ERGOTEST S.A. and in 2021 evolve into a new business entity, G. GKRINTZOS CIVIL WORKS.

Mr. George Grintzos, Shareholder and General Manager, is a Chemical Engineer, holds a BSc from The University of Tulsa and an MPhil from HERIOT AND WATT UNIVERSITY, with a thirty years of experience and active presence in large infrastructure projects in Greece and abroad.


Goals – Vision – Values

We contribute to the sustainable development of the construction sector through studies, combining the use of new materials and/or recycling existing ones, reducing pollutant emissions. G. GKRINTZOS CWC always operates with ethics, reliability, professionalism, and transparency in mind. Our philosophy is to provide high quality personalized services that ensure the best result. This is achieved through our experience and knowledge as well as the well-trained human resources of our company.

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Reliability – Effectiveness

At G. GKRINTZOS CWC, we undertake projects and contribute to their completion, with reliability and efficiency, which is proven by our history, reputation, experienced human resources and the quality of our services.

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The experienced team and specialized human resources of G. GKRINTZOS CWC apply new technologies and practices along with the continuous modernization of equipment and the upgrading of the level of services offered.

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Our people

We invest in the potential of our people, who are the most valuable asset for the achievement of our strategic goals and we develop a healthy and safe working environment, with equal opportunities, that enhances the effectiveness of employees and the quality of services.